“To create extraordinary and change the world, don’t bet on the ones going ”by the book” , looking and doing like everyone else“

We are based in Copenhagen - Denmark and California, USA


We are fighting neuro-degenerative brain diseases and dementia.

Our team is working in very close collaboration with the renowned universities: KU: University of Copenhagen. NUS: National University of Singapore. CBS, ITU as well as other partners

Several of our team members have lost loved ones to brain diseases - we know what it means to be the patient or relative, and all its implications. We are fighting indefatigably for a cure.


Our Mission:

Our overarching goals & missions are: to produce a treatment that is as little invasive as possible, at a price where most patients can afford the product. To build a growing and lasting company that will contribute to society in creating exciting work places, being an asset economically and being environmentally focused. Parts of profit will always go into to further research - we want to give something back. Collaboration with universities will always be key.

Veldismagn: Protection from harm. Making one healthy and free of sickness.

Vegvisir: Always find your way, finding your goal. Success in your endeavours.


Our new video for the viral campaign - we hope you love it, months of work went into the campaign - please share


27.th august 2016:
Prelaunch of our new video for the viral campaign - second half


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53 78 81 88 (DEMKIP)

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Selected News:

26th of January 2017:

We are very pleased to announce that our Honorary Advisory Board will be joined by the renowned Dr. William C. Mobley. Distinguished Professor of Neurosciences at UCSD. Former ass. prof. at John Hopkins and prof. and chairman at Stanford University

January 2017:

Expanding and setting up new collaborations, especially in the U. S. San Francisco, San Diego, UCSD, Palo Alto and Stanford; and Germany, Belgium and the U.K

1. November 2016:

DEMKIP passed the POB exam

13th october 2016:

Innovation Day

29th september 2016:

Entrepreneurship Day

11th september 2016:

A lot more news:

27th august - 7th september 2016:
Launch of our new campaign and video for the viral campaign. Very large media coverage.

21. June 2016:
Collaboration on Ph.D. project set up with the renowned Prof. Søren Skov & Poul Hyttel and Copenhagen University

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